Are you tired of scrubbing away at mold and mildew spots in your bathroom that never seem to fade? There are plenty of homemade remedies that make cleaning easier, and they provide fairly effective, albeit temporary, solutions. Rather than give you a list of concoctions to combat grime, we’re here with remodeling solutions that will help you avoid it all together!

If you’ve had enough of scrubbing your life away, our expert bathroom remodelers have your back with these top five design tricks:

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is engineered to look like natural stone without all the disadvantages like easy scratching and staining. On top of providing a beautiful look for your space, quartz is easy to wipe down simply with soap and water. For durable materials that won’t take as much damage or collect as much dirt over time, quartz is the way to go!

Fingerprint Resistant Finishes

You can’t avoid it—Whether it’s your guest or master bathroom, you’re bound to get water spots and fingerprints on your faucets and other fixtures. Luckily, there are plenty of attractive finishes that are resistant to smudging and spotting. That means you can achieve a sparkling clean bathroom with one easy wipe down.

Shower Bases vs. Tile Flooring

Tile floors can add a stylistic appeal to your space, but they can be extremely annoying to clean. Grout lines appear immediately in tile showers and can take a lot of work to scrub out. Opting for a simplistic base can make the floor of your shower look bright and clean no matter how many uses it gets. 

Superior Shower and Bath Surrounds

Many modern bathrooms are switching from metal shower frames to completely frameless. Metal frames collect a lot of dirt and grime and have a sealant that makes hard scrubbing nearly impossible. So, why not get rid of the frame all together? Frameless glass shower and efficient bath surrounds eliminate the opportunity for the grime to grow in the first place.

High-Quality Bath and Shower Materials

The best way to combat mold and mildew is to invest in quality products that naturally resist grime. Professional bathroom remodelers can deliver durable replacement showers and replacement tubs that are mold resistant and can be fully customized to fit your aesthetic. You can also top off any design with water spot-resistant dividers, too!

Keep Your Bathroom in Top Shape with Superior Products

Let’s be real. No one likes spending their days combating grime and mildew. While there are plenty of home remedies that can remove the toughest of spots and stains, you’ll inevitably have to go back over the same place again and again for endless weeks to come. 

The bathroom remodelers at PIC Home Pros can tackle any of your mold removal issues with ease and provide comprehensive renovation options when you’re ready to make the leap. A healthier bathroom is just around the corner. Get in touch with one of our representatives or fill out our online form for a free quote today!